My visits

Cayman Islands

We, I and Mauri, my husband, enjoyed visiting the Grand Cayman and staying in the impressive Westin Casuarina Resort & Spa hotel, located just beside seashore. We loved to walk several miles barefoot along the white sanded shoreline of the Seven Mile Beach. Soft sand moving back and forth in the cycles of waves rubbed gently our feet, thus causing a very relaxed feeling afterwards. We spotted at some point of our walk a famous landmark that I remember to have seen also in the Finnish TV. The many hotels of the island is a sightseeing in itself, but the architecture of the Ritz Carlton with its functionalist and Roman time style impressed me. Georgetown, the capital of the Cayman Islands, is a beautiful small town with its many beautifully decorated buildings around the harbour area. We enjoyed stopping in the Paradise restaurant and watching a gigantic cruise ship anchoring at a further distance. We were proud to identify this ship to be of Finnish-Norwegian origin, built in the Masa Yards dock in Finland. Georgetown impressed me also with pirate styled statues and a joyful Tortuga statue. The many colourful sign “trees”, giving information about directions and shops, are an eye-catching feature of the city.

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