Jamaika-Photosarjan tekstit:

Photo 1.Jamaica, Kingston, I and Usain Bolt

Photo 2.Map of the exotic Caribbean Islands

Photo 3.Many Jamaican top athletics study and train in the University of Technology (UTECH).

Photo 4. This football field acts as a training field of the UTECH university athletes,

Photo 5. 'Desire' is a magic word to become a top Jamaican athletic. Photo captured from a wall table in the The Alfred Sangster Auditorium, University of Technology.

Photo 6. Another golden rule, not only for those wanting to be Jamaican top sprinters but also for everybody wanting to achieve great things in life. Photo captured from a wall table in the The Alfred Sangster Auditorium, University of Technology.

Photo 7. These young Jamaican athletics showed ultimate desire in their training.

Photo 8. Mizuko Guest House in Jamaica's capital in Kingston offers a jungle like environment in the uptown area.

Photo 9. Our maid Brenda took great care of our enjoyable stay.

Photo 10. Bob Marley's statue greets quests in front of his house (nowadays a museum.

Photo 11. Bob Marley and two of his two sons.

Photo 12. Deacon Icon is a gospel reggae singer.

Photo 13. A view from the Emansipation Park in New Kingston.

Photo 14. The Kingston Market grants a fascinating experience for those wanting to encounter something special in Jamaica.

Photo 15. Port Royal was the centre of shipping commerce in the Caribbean Sea during the latter half of the 17th century. It was also the 'Wickedest City on Earth' for its concentration of pirates, prostitutes and rum.

Photo 16. A view to the famous tilted and sinking four-storey house in Port Royal. Only the uppermost floor is anymore visible today.

Photo 17. The tilted house reminds from the 1692 earthquake that caused a major part of the city to sink in the sea.

Photo 18. The sunken part of Port Royal starts from this wall.

Photo 19. I posted over 50 post cards to my friends around the world.

Photo 20.Otis Atkinson is a famous Jamaican painter. His 'African Masks' inspire me in our home in Rovaniemi!

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