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My Three Didgeridoos and Kangaroo Dancing
I have, almost all my life - at least since the age of seven - dreamt to own an Didgeridoo Player (or a Didge). It took a long time, almost 50 years to make it true! I am now even a happy owner of three Didges! These instruments are not only playing tools: they are beautiful pieces of of aboriginal arts.

I am now in a process of learning circulation breathing technique, which is necessary in Didgeridoo Playing. Looking at professional Didgeridoo players doing that in their Great Presentations - so easy to them, but not so easy to me!

Marshall Whyler (picture) is a world-famous Didgeridoo Player. Googling on the Internet reveals numerous links about his career! I had a great honour to buy my three didges from him. He even helped me to choose them from Wiradjuri that he liked the sound of. The details of the two didges are as follows:

Wiradjuri - Platypus, Key D, Lenght: 143cm
Wiradjuri - Kangaroo, Key C#, Length: 145cm

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Aboriginal Kangaroo Dance